Thursday, October 25, 2012

The lonely Sailor

I'm a lonely sailor
in the eternal sea of time
I know not where I'm sailing to
Yet I would sing my rhyme

A few friends come by
but our boats never touch
What a lonely voyage is this
and what a lonely search!

How far others could help me
I shall have to dream my own dream
What a strange game is this
No opponent no groups and no team!

The ocean appears endless
I fear I would ever reach the shore
it seems to be sleeping deep
I could hear the silent snore!

The Sun comes showering his rays
 and falls back to the west
Oh! Sun Will you also not help me?
I'm a bird that has lost her nest

What is this boat and what is all this?
Why Should I have to sail
Will I ever be a lonely wanderer
Will I make it or fail?

The hurricanes scare me
and so the whales and the fish
The sea appears unfriendly
Bluish, bluish , bluish!

Summer comes and goes
so does winter and fall
I shall keep sailing with hope
and wait for the shore's call



  1. Welcome :) In life, we have boat without pedal, sometimes no boat, have pedal!

  2. I wish you never reach the shore... Because the thrill is lost on reaching the shore :-)

  3. This lines stirs my mind !!! samudra dont search the shore, fall in to the ocean :)